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How To Use Regex (Regular Expression) with Grep?

grep is very popular tool used to match given search patterns in given text. grep provides simple glob search but also provides regexsupport which is very useful for complex search ant matches. In this tutorial we will examine how to use grep for regex patterns. Enable Regex with Grep By default grep do not supports regex patterns. We can enable regexfor grep with -E option like below. -E option means...


How To Use Regular Expression – Regex In Bash Linux?

Linux bash provides a lot of commands and features for Regular Expressions or regex. grep , expr , sed and awk  are some of them. Bash also have =~ operator which is named as RE-match  operator. In this tutorial we will look =~  operator and use cases. More information about regex command cna be found in the following tutorials. Introduction to Linux Grep Command With Examples Awk Regular Expression Commands and Examples Ultimate Sed...

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