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How To Check and Find CentOS Version?

CentOS or RedHat Enterprise Linux is popular enterprise level Linux distribution. Different versions of the CentOS and RHEL is use In enterprise environment. Because of its stability and long time support old versions of CentOS and RHEL systems works in production too. In this tutorial w will look different ways to check and find CentOS … Read more

How To Get Ubuntu, Debian, Kali Release Version?

I have take new job and I have a lot of new Ubuntu servers to manage. There is no inventory about the Ubuntu servers. I only know that they are Ubuntu. Is there a way to get Ubuntu version of this servers? Linux Standards Base aka LSB defines standards for different Linux distributions. Ubuntu comply … Read more

How To Get Centos, Fedora, Red Hat Release Version?

CentOS, Fedora, Red Hat are similar distibutions. Actually Red Hat supports other distributions. In this case how can I get release version of CentOS, Red Hat, Fedora. It is ver easy actually. These distributions holds release version related information in their /etc/redhat-release file. So simple echoing will give release information. Get Release Information From redhat-release Simple print … Read more