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What Is VNC Protocol and List Of Best VNC Software?

What Is VNC Protocol and List Of Best VNC Software List?

VNC is the short form of the Virtual Network Computing protocol which is similar to the RDP. VNC provides a remote desktop connection to the remote systems via GUI interfaces. VNC Protocol History The VNC protocol is created in the Olivetti&Oracle Lab in 1999. Then in 2002, AT&T acquired the ORL. The team created the … Read more

Windows Mstsc Command Tutorial with Examples To Connect Remote Systems with Remote Desktop Protocol

Windows operating systems generally managed with RDP remotely. RDP or Remote Desktop Protocol Provides graphical remote management capabilities. Windows operating systems provides a tool named Remote Desktop Connection . This tool can be invoked with mstsc command. In this tutorial we will look different features of Terminal Server Connection or mstsc. Start Remote Connection Dialog Box We … Read more

Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) Tutorial

Windows system administrators generally prefer RDP for server management. Management some servers with Remote Desktop Tool is easy and practical. But If we have 50-100 or more servers it may become a nightmare. We have to remember their IP address or Hostnames and write to them every time we want to connect. There is a … Read more

Linux Remote Desktop Rdesktop Command Tutorial with Examples

I need some time to connect the windows systems. I have used Remmina which is capable of VNC, SSH, RDP, etc. But all just need RDP. Remmina is a very talented application but I do not need so much talent. I just need RDP and I want to use my screen very efficiently. Remmina shows … Read more