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How To Install and Use TeamViewer On Ubuntu Linux?

How To Install and Use TeamViewer On Ubuntu Linux?

TeamViewer is a remote desktop application in simple terms. TeamViewer provides a lot of features beyond the remote desktop-like Remote Device Control , Cross-Platform Access , Secure Unattended Access etc. Ubuntu is popular Linux distribution which is generally used by end-users and corporates. In this tutorial, we will learn “How To Download, Install and Use … Read more

What Is Telnet Command and What Is Telnet Used For?

Telnet is a command-line protocol used to manage different devices like Server, PC, Router, Switch, Camera, Firewall remotely. Telnet is a very simple protocol that provides simple remote connection and sending commands or data to the remote network connection. This makes telnet very popular among IT systems. Telnet generally comes after SSH for remote system … Read more

Remote Desktop Connection Manager (RDCMan) Tutorial

Windows system administrators generally prefer RDP for server management. Management some servers with Remote Desktop Tool is easy and practical. But If we have 50-100 or more servers it may become a nightmare. We have to remember their IP address or Hostnames and write to them every time we want to connect. There is a … Read more