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How To Delete File In Linux? 0

How To Delete File In Linux?

Deleting files in Linux can be sometimes tricky. We have a tool named rm which is the shortcut for the remove word. In this tutorial, we will look at how to remove or delete a file in Linux with different examples and way. rm Command Syntax rm  command syntax is the same as the most the Linux command. We can provide options before specifying the file and directories we cant to...


How To Delete and Remove File and Directory with Python?

Python provides different methods and functions in order to remove files and directories. As python provides a  lot of functionalities we can remove files and directories according our needs. For example we can remove files those sizes are bigger than 1 MB. Remove File with remove We can use os.remove() function in order to remove file. We should import the os module in order to use remove function. In this...

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