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What Does “rm -rf” Command Do In Linux?

rm is very useful command. We can use rm command with different options. The -rf  options are one of the most used options to remove files and folders. In this tutorial we will examine the -rf options and related issues. Recursive with -r -r is used for recursive. The default behavior of rm  command is just removing given path … Read more

How To Use Find Exec Command In Linux Bash?

Linux find command provides a lot of features to search and filter files in file system. One of the most popular and useful feature of find command is exec option. exec option is used to to run commands with founded search results. Linux Find Command With Examples Run Command We will with a simple example … Read more

Linux rm Command Tutorial With Examples

Linux rm Command Tutorial With Examples

Linux is a file-based operating system and actually everything is a file. Sometimes we need to clear our server from some of the files. How can we achieve that? There are alternative ways to delete files but the most popular command is rm . Remove File rm command definition is “remove files” or directories. By default, rm command … Read more