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Git – Branching Operations

Branches are new lines of the current development line. Branches creates new work spaces different from current and changes can be done without affecting current and other branches. After these changes generally branch will merge with the main branch. For example we want to add new feature. To code the...


Git – Committing Changes To The Repository

Previous chapter we have created our new clean repository but we did not added any code. In this chapter we will add some code and create some revision or versions of the code. Getting Status of Repository As we stated before we have a clean repository we can check this....


Git – Creating Repository From Scratch

In this chapter we will create users those will be use Git. Create an Git repository and add some code. Create Users for Git To use git we need some system users. If we have allready this users we can skip this but if not we will create new users....


Git – Environment Setup and Basic Configuration

Installing git is easy with operating system provided packages like apt or dnf. We can track here Fedora way with dnf but it is very similar for other operating systems like CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu etc.

First-Time Configuration After installing git making some configuration will make usage of the git...


How To Add New Repository To Apt In Linux?

Apt is mainstream package management tool. Apt is used by Debian, Ubuntu and a lot of different distributions. Package administration job can be done with Apt very easily. Installing new packages, removing packages, updating packages, resolving dependency of packages etc. Big distributions like Debian, Ubuntu provides repositories. There are a...

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