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What Is A Router In Computing and Networking? 0

What Is A Router In Computing and Networking?

Routers are one of the most important components of the today computer networks and the internet. Actually, most of the computer networks are connected to the internet in different ways and techniques. The computer network and internet connection are established by the devices named routers. What Is Routing? Routing is the act of deciding to the direction of a package or stream. In computer network especially TCP/IP or internet routing...


Router vs Modem What Is Different and What Is The Same?

In IT generally  well known names are used to identify devices. This may create some time problems about the issues. One of the most asked question in the network world and at the client side “What is the difference between Modem and Router?”. In this post we will look technical and functional details and compare router and modem. What is Router The router is generally used for devices that have...


How To Configure RIP Routing For Cisco IOS?

Hi today we will look for some networking stuff. Up to now I have not written any routing related technical post. In this article I am gonna show you some simple dynamic routing with RIP protocol. Routing is divided in to two part which one is static. In static routing routes are configured in router by typing every detail of the route and all things configured are used  in routing....

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