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No Route To Host Error And Solution

While trying to ping or connect a remote host I can an error “no route to host”. How can I debug this error and solve it? As we know IP networks are constructed hop...


How To Add and Delete Route In Linux?

I am currently working in my gns3 lab on ospf and I have connected my routers to the real world virtual network. What is real world virtual network? I am running gns3 on vms...


How To Delete Route In Ubuntu Linux

I have some route in my routing table. But I want to delete one route fromrouting table. How can accomplish this? List Existing Routes To get detailed information about route that will be removed...


How To Add New Route In Ubuntu, Linux?

I have a box with Ubuntu Linux and I want to add new route to my box. Because I want to access external network from a different interface and network. How can I add...

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