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What is Default Gateway and How To Find Current Default Gateway In Windows and Ubuntu?

Default gateway is a network term used to specify a special host which is used to to access other networks. Default gateway is also called as default route. One of the other popular use case for default gateway is using to access to the internet. Default Gateway IP Address Network...


Linux Network Administration with ping and ip Commands

Linux network stack is very powerful. Network stack provides a lot of functionalities where most of the enterprise network products can not offer. Here we will look basic and everyday network administration commands. Check Network and Internet Connectivity Network connectivity can be checked easily with ping and telnet tools. One...


No Route To Host Error And Solution

While trying to ping or connect a remote host I can an error “no route to host”. How can I debug this error and solve it? As we know IP networks are constructed hop by hop which means there are different intermediate routers transmit packets between two remote hosts. These...


How To Configure RIP Routing For Cisco Ios?

Hi today we will look for some networking stuff. Up to now I have not written any routing related technical post. In this article I am gonna show you some simple dynamic routing with RIP protocol. Routing is divided in to two part which one is static. In static routing...


How To Add and Delete Route In Linux?

I am currently working in my gns3 lab on ospf and I have connected my routers to the real world virtual network. What is real world virtual network? I am running gns3 on vms using kvm+libvirt+virt-manager and created a network for them. Here I have connected gns3 to the vms...


How To Change Default Route In Windows?

Hi I am using windows 7 in vm for my business related work and I need to use host system which is fedora 21 disk or file sharing to sync between my files. but At work using corporate and host vm network needs some modifications.Here is what I have done....


How To Delete Route In Ubuntu Linux

I have some route in my routing table. But I want to delete one route fromrouting table. How can accomplish this? List Existing Routes To get detailed information about route that will be removed we list the existing routes in our system.

Remove Specific Route This command can be...


How To Add or Change Default Route or Default Gateway in Ubuntu, Lnux?

I have installed Ubuntu in to my laptop. I am happy with Ubuntu. But have a little problem. I want to change my default route. Here is the solution. By the way all Linux systems are same for this solution. I mean CentOS, Fedora, Kali, Debian can be use this...

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