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Linux cp Directory and Content

Linux provides  cp command in order to copy files, folders, and directories. But sometimes we may have some issues if we want to copy a folder or directory. In this tutorial, we will learn how to copy folders and directories with the cp command and provides solutions for problems. Syntax cp command has following general syntax which can be used for all different kind of copy operations.

OPTIONS are...


How To Download and Upload Directories Recursively In Linux

scp is popular protocol and command used to download and upload files and directories in a secure manner. We have all ready examined most of the scp command features in the following tutorial. In this tutorial we will learn hoe to copy directories or folders recursively with scp . Linux Scp Command Usage With Eamples Recursive Option -r option is used to download or upload files recursively. The copy direction is not important. So...

How To Copy Entire Directory In Linux? 0

How To Copy Entire Directory In Linux?

Linux provides different tools to copy directories entirely. The most popular and well-known tool is cp. In this tutorial, we will look at how to copy Linux directories entirely or specific contents. Copy Only Directory In this first example, we will copy the only directory. We can just provide the source directory and destination directory names to the cp command. In this example, we will try to copy a single...


How To Specify Different Port for Linux Rsync?

We have been attempting to use rysnc on remote system to backup. But we get network related error. This means we need to enable access to the remote system. But the problem do not solved with this step. Here is the solutions. Default Rsync Port Rsync works as a daemon and listen for TCP network port. The default port configuration provided by Rsync daemon is TCP 873 . Specify Rsync Port Explicitly...


Linux Rsync Resume Partial File Transfers

Rsync is very useful tool used by Linux system administrators to sync between systems. We have all ready looked different features of the rsync where you can find them below. Rsync Command Tutorial With Examples How To Use Rsync Over Ssh In A Secure Manner? In this tutorial we will look how to resume partial file transfers with rsync . This is very useful if we are transferring 8GB file but the...


Linux Rsync Exclude File,Directory and Folder Examples

Rsync is very popular and powerful tool used for backup and clone operations. Rsync can work in localhost or remote hosts. This makes rsync very flexible. We have all ready provided some introduction in the following tutorial. Rsync Command Tutorial With Examples In this tutorial we will look exclude operations in detail. Exclude feature provides a lot of different use cases. We will look most useful of them. Exclude Specific...


How To Use Rsync Over Ssh In A Secure Manner?

rsync is very popular synchronization tool used in Linux environment. Rsync communication is clear text by default. This makes rsync vulnerable man in the middle attacks. How can we make rsync secure with ssh . In this tutorial we will look different ways to make secure with ssh Check Ssh Connection The first thing we will do is checking the remote ssh service. We will of course use ssh command for this....


Useful Linux Commands A System Administrator Should Know

Linux is command based operating system. Most of things are done in cli based environment bash . In this tutorial we will look popular and useful commands used by Linux system administrators and user. You can access detailed tutorials simply clicking links below. tr tr command is used to translate or delete characters in the given text. Linux tr Command Tutorial With Examples ps ps command is used to list and get detailed...


Rsync Command Tutorial With Examples

Rsync is popular tool used for copying, backup and synchrnizing. Rsync can work locally or remotely over network.  Rsync can also be used to clone some site to multiple site. Popular backup tools like LuckyBackup also uses rsync in the background. We will look various examples of rsync in this tutorial. Here is some features of rsync Copying directories Backup options Rich feature options Dry run capability Run as Daemon...

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