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Linux Crontab Syntax and Examples

Crontab is automatically scheduler used in Linux distributions. We have already looked crontab in the following tutorial. In this tutorial we will look different examples of crontab scheduler. Linux Crontab Tutorial with Examples To Schedule Jobs Columns Meaning There are 6 columns in regular crontab file. Let’s call them like

1 specifies minute 2 specifies hour 3 specifies day of month 4 specifies month of year 5 specifies weekday backup >/dev/null 2>&1 specifies the command...


Schedule Jobs and Tasks With Windows At Command

Linux have the same command for same reasons to schedule commands and jobs for specified times and periods. Windows have the same command with similar usage too. Alternative to this command is schtasks command which will schedule future jobs too. We will look some usage examples of at command. Help Help about at command can be listed with /? option.

Schedule Job Jobs can be scheduled easily. We will specify the time and...

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