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Linux Bash Alias and Shortcuts

Linux Bash provides some shortcuts about operations. Sometimes we need to run a log and error prone command in the shell. Every time writing or remembering the command is not a feasible way. Bash have alias feature which is used to set some shortcuts about user commands. Syntax Syntax of alias...


Windows Snipping Tool To Capture The Screenshot Of the Desktop

Taking screenshot is important because if we want to show something to our audience or put picture to the document we will need meaningful graphs. Windows all ready provides screenshot tool which is named snipping tool. This tool can be found all versions of the Microsoft Windows operating systems. Open...


Linux Tmux Tutorial With Command Examples

Tmux is terminal multiplexer popular in Linux world. Tmux provides multiple windows in a single session. Tmux also have the ability to detach and run after disconnect and attach after connection. This is very useful for system administrators. Man Man page of tmux provides a lot of detailed features. To...


How To Split, Create and Close Tmux Screen In Linux

Tmux is great tool which saves system administrators from a lot of unnesecary work load. Tmux is creates multiple screens, split current screen and may be the best part even ssh is closed it resumes to work and after reconnect we can resume from where we were. Open Tmux We...

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