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Vim Copy, Cut and Paste Commands and Operations

Vim provides different shortcuts for copy, cut and paste operations. These commands are one of the most used and problematic commands because of vim command or shortcut based work style. Copy Current Line We can copy current line with the yy command which is named yank. But the cursor should be...


Useful Linux Commands A System Administrator Should Know

Linux is command based operating system. Most of things are done in cli based environment bash . In this tutorial we will look popular and useful commands used by Linux system administrators and user. You can access detailed tutorials simply clicking links below. tr tr command is used to translate or delete...


How To Replace A Text Exists In Many Files?

Linux provides a lot of tools to ease system administrators work. One of them is replace command which simple search text files to replace string and create new text file. Replace command comes with MySQL Server packages. IF MySQL is not installed we can not use replace command. Replace Command We can use replace...


How To List Installed Packages In CentOS, Fedora?

I have a vm named fedora_dev2. I want to create new vm but do not want to dig to install all packages in fedora_dev2 so  I need a script that list allready installed packages in fedora_dev2 and install them with dnf or yum in new vm. Here is what I...

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