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What Is A Server In Computing and Server Types?

The server is a computers type which consists of purposeful hardware and software used to provide different services to the clients.  Servers generally use different and special applications to provide services. A server can contain a single service or multiple services to serve. Types Of Servers There is a different type of servers. We can create a very long list which contains different types of servers but in this part,...


How To Run and Use Simple HTTP Server In Python2 and Python3?

Python provides different HTTP and related modules in builtin and 3rd party modules. Python also provides some basic HTTP server modules native. In this tutorial we will learn how to run HTTP server in Python2 and Python3. SimpleHTTPServer In Python2 From Commandline We will use SimpleHTTPServer module for Python2. We will just provide the module name the port number we want to run HTTP server from commandline. In this example...


Understanding and Configuring Apache Access Log

Web servers logs provide a lot of information about the web application and user. Apache is a very popular web server used by millions of web sites. Apache provides different types of logs like access , error etc. In this tutorial, we will look at how Apache Access Log configured and try to understand log format. Apache Access Log Apache Access Log provides information about access to the Apache web server....


Introduction to Javascript Programming Language

Javascript is scripting language very popular among developers. Javascript is the programming language of the web. In the recents years Javascript popularity is higher than before because it gained a lot of features with new browsers technologies. There browsers, mobile devices, desktop, game consoles use Javascript. History Javascript initially designed to interact with Html code when it was a baby. Also at that time there was a scripting language named...


How to Install Ansible and Manage Servers?

Enterprise IT needs more than traditional IT tools. Because there are different architecture and styles in IT infrastructure. In a small company one web server is enough for all but in an enterprise company, there may be 10 – 100 web servers for the department’s different needs. Here one of the most important things is orchestration and management of the infrastructure simple and confident way. Ansible is a tool that...

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