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How To Create Extra Network Bandwidth For Backup?

Media and Small Enterprises generally uses single or some servers for their IT infrastructure. In these server services like ftp, database, web, enterprise applications exists. These applications have a lot of data those are important for enterprise. Generally this data is very big in size. So backing up them become...


Linux Systemctl Tutorial

Hi, today we will learn managing linux services with systemd or systemctl. While linux kernel booting, it loads drivers, mount file systems, starting memory management, creating system calls etc. But after that what? Linux starts an init process to create futher system and user services and processes. To manage system...


How To Start, Stop and Get Status of Linux Service With Systemd?

Services are all over the Linux world. Enterprise Linux world turn over services. There are different tools to manage Linux services like Sys-V, upstart, systemd etc. Systemd is gaining popularity in recent times. Fedora, CentOs, RedHat uses systemd for a long time. Ubuntu started to use systemd too. Here we...

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