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Rpm, Yum, Dnf “NOKEY” Public Key Check Error and Solution

Rpm is very popular and secure package management format and application. Recent version of the rpm and yum command uses Public Key Check in order to make installation more secure. This is done by checking integrity of the rpm package. NOKEY Error We generally see the error during a package installation with rpm or yum command. Show Signature If we want to get more details about the signature of the...


How To Verify Files and Signatures with PGP In Linux?

GnuPG is opensource and popular alternative to the PGP. PGP provide encryption related function. PGP provides hash function like standard Linux packages. We will look ow to verify files downloaded from internet with their PGP signatures to verify. Find PGP Information In this example we will use Apache source code. Apache PGP signature can be found and downloaded like below.

We can see that signature file have asc extension...

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