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How To Add, Remove and Manage Windows Shares Network Drives From Command Line

Windows operating systems provides some mechanism to share the resources between different systems. One of the most known and popular tool to manage these resources is net command whit related sub command. In this tutorial we will look how to create, mount, remove and manage network shares with net use  and...


Linux NFS Server Setup and Configuration With Examples

Network file System is is simple way to share files and folders over network. NFS is developed by Sun Micro-systems in 1980. NFS is very popular in Linux and Unix world. NFS is alternative for SMB which is Windows ecosystem file sharing protocol. We will look how to install NFS...


How To Make Samba Server Secure?

I am started using samba server in my laptop. But security is a concern. I have allready enabled firewall for linux named iptables and Fedora specific name firewalld with the following command.

But more hardening make is more secure and search for samba security with simple step. Here is...

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