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What Is Symbolic or Symlinks? How To Create Symlink For Windows and Linux?

Symbolic Links are also known as Symlinks. Symlinks are used to create a shortcut for a given file or folder. Symlinks are very useful for different purposes which also prevents copy the same data over and over again. In this tutorial, we will learn what is symlinks and how to create and use symlinks for … Read more

How To Remove Symbolic Links In Linux?

Symbolic links provides practical solutions file name or path related problems. Symbolic links will create same file or folder with different name and path. In some situations this may cause problem and we have to remove and delete symbolic link. List Symbolic Links We can start by listing existing links especially symbolic links with ls … Read more

Linux ln Command Tutorial with Examples To Create Symbolic Links

Linux file systems provides different mechanism to make system administrators and applications developer’s life easier. Symbolic links are one of the mechanism. Symbolic links provides the flexibility to use single file in multiple places with multiple names. But at the end there is only single file and data which is pointed by all of these … Read more

Linux Unix Symbolic Soft and Hard Links with ln Command

Linux provides different ways to work with files. Generally, a file is accessed directly. But there are some situations to create links that are used as original file. Link Types As we will see in the following of this tutorial there are two types of links named soft link and hard link. They are both … Read more