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What Is Default SFTP Port and How To Change SFTP Port Number?

SFTP is secure version of the FTP . SFTP provides encrypted channel with the remote server. This makes authentication and data transfer more secure than FTP. SFTP protocol is generally provided by SSH servers by default. In this tutorial we will learn the default SFTP port and how to change...


How To Find And Change SSH Port Number?

ssh  is default protocol used to manage remote systems which are mainly Linux and Network Devices. As it is working over network connection and uses TCP it has a default port number which is 22  . In this tutorial we will look how to change the default port number from...


Linux Sshd Server Configuration and Security Options With Examples

Secure Shell or with its most know name SSH is a protocol developed to connect IT systems remotely and securely. SSH works as expected client server architecture. In this post we will look various security related configuration options of the SSH daemon service or sshd. The tutorial about the client side...


How To Change Openssh Port Number In Linux?

Remote access is themain method while managing Linux systems. Remote access must be secured accordingly. Openssh suite which implements Ssh provides this security with server and client side. Openssh also provides auxiliary tools to make copying or identity management easily and securely. Openssh servers run by default tcp port 22....

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