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Linux Time Command Tutorial With Examples To Get Programs Resource Usage

Linux time command provides commands and programs usage statistics especially as CPU load. Time command gets real command as parameter like below. Time taken in user mode Time taken in kernel mode Time taken in real mode Memory usage Syntax We will use following syntax for time command. time [options] [command] Run If we run … Read more

Linux stat Command Tutorial With Examples

Linux stat command used to display files and file system information like permission, size etc. In this tutorial we will look various usage examples. Show File Information All information about a file can be get without providing any parameter. We will only provide the file name. $ stat a.txt As we can see from screenshot … Read more

How To Show Linux File Size In Different Ways?

One of the most asked questions about files in Linux is how can I list file sizes in different formats? In this post, we will look at different commands to get file sizes. ls Command ls command is a primary command to list and get information about files and directories in Linux. ls command can … Read more