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How To Git Reset Hard?

How To Git Reset Hard?

git reset or git-reset commands are used to reset changes to the previous version in Git software. Git reset is popularly used because of its function where we can go back to whatever version we want. Reverting changes to the back can be done in different ways. “Git reset hard” is a way by deleting … Read more

How To Clone Git Branch Command Tutorial with Examples?

git clone command is used to clone branches and git repositories. In this tutorial, we will learn how to clone a git branch in different ways. We will learn clone single branch, clone to a specific folder, clone specific tag etc in this tutorial. List Branches We will start by listing branches. In order to copy … Read more

How To List Local and Remote Git Branches?

Git branches provides very useful way to work with a project in multi developer mode. Every developer can use different or his branch to implement new features and then merge them into a main branch. In this tutorial we will learn how to list and print branch information.These branches can be local or remote too. … Read more

How to Install Git on Linux, Mac, or Windows?

How to Install Git on Linux, Mac or Windows?

Git is a tool and concept developed by Linux Torvalds. Git is a free and open-source distributed version control system. It has a tiny footprint with lightning-fast performance. It is a very good alternative to the SVC, SVN, or similar version control systems. It is mainly used by software developers in order to control different … Read more

Git – Ignore Files To Prevent Commit

Git - Ignore Files To Prevent Commit

Git is used for a lot of different projects. These projects may provide different types of files. Some times some of those files should not be committed into the repository. For example, after running a python application pyc files are created as compiled python files. Committing them are unnecessary. Git Ignore File To ignore files the patterns … Read more

Git – Environment Setup and Basic Configuration

Installing git is easy with operating system provided packages like apt or dnf. We can track here Fedora way with dnf but it is very similar for other operating systems like CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu etc. $ dnf install git -y                                                                                                                   Failed to set locale, defaulting to C                                                                                                  Last metadata expiration check: 1:28:52 ago … Read more