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How To Open System Information Panel On Windows To Check Computer and Specification?

Windows Operating systems starting from Windows XP provides System Information Panel. System Information Panel provides detailed information about the computer hardware, software and operating system. Open System Information Panel From Start Menu System Information Panel can be opened in different ways. The most basic and fast way is starting it from Start Menu . After opening Start Menu we can type System Information which will list System Information icon. Then...


Atop Command Tutorial With Examples To Monitor Linux System Metrics

Atop is a monitoring tool which is mainly developed for command line usage. It is capable of showing detailed information about process, memory, disk network information and metrics. Atop commands provides more details than popular top command. Syntax We will use following syntax for atop command.

Help Help information like flags, options cna be listed with -h option.

Start atop Atop can be started just issuing atop command. But to...


Linux Commands To Collect System and Hardware Information

Getting information about system and hardware is important part of System Administration job. There are a lot of different tools those provides information about system and hardware. In this post we will look how to get CPU, memory, disk, bus, USB, disk … information simple from a Linux system. Print Operating System Linux system administrators generally work different type of Operating systems which are similar to Linux. To get detailed...

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