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HTML th Table Header Tag Tutorial with Examples

HTML Table Header Tag Tutorial with Examples

HTML provides table structure which consists of rows, columns or cells. During the creation of the table, multiple tags are used. <th> is a tag used to create a table header. A table header is a label that is put to the first row in order to explain the row or column data. <th> tag … Read more

How To Center Table In HTML?

How To Center Table In HTML?

HTML table provides the ability to show text, data, and other elements. While using tables we may want to center the table or table contents to the center. Centering the table and its contents will be centered and look pretty. Center Table with margin-left and margin-right  Attribute The first way to make an HTML table … Read more

How To List MySQL Tables with “show tables” SQL Query?

How To List MySQL Tables with "show tables" SQL Query?

MySQL is a popular relational data that stores information in tables. While using tables we generally need to check and list existing tables. We can use different ways to list tables. In this tutorial, we will learn how to use show tables and Select table_name in order to list and print table names. Connect MySQL Interactive Shell … Read more

Display Detailed System Information With Systeminfo For Windows Operating Systems

Windows operating system have a lot of third party tools used to get detailed system information like operating system, version, boot time, processor etc. We will look simple single command systeminfo to get detailed system information. List Information We will just issue the systeminfo command to get information about the computer. $ systeminfo We will get following … Read more

How To Create a Database and Table In MySQL and MariaDB?

How To Create Database and Table In MySQL and MariaDB?

MySQL database is a very popular database server used by a lot of small and big companies. In this tutorial we will look at the basics of MySQL server like creating databases and tables, populating data into tables. MySQL installation can be done with the following tutorial for Linux operating systems. How to Install Mariadb/Mysql … Read more

Backup and Restore MySQL Databases With Mysqldump In Linux

One of the most important task of a database administrator is backing up and restoring databases. MySQL is a popular database server and provides tool named mysqldump for backup and restore operations. We will look different usage types of mysqldump in this tutorial. Syntax mysqldump [OPTIONS] database [tables] OR      mysqldump [OPTIONS] –databases [OPTIONS] DB1 [DB2 … Read more