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Search Text Files Content With Findstr Command In Windows

Windows provides findstr tool to search file contents. These file contents expected to be text and string but binary binary files are accepted too. But searching binary files and content will not give good results. In this tutorial we will look different usage types of the findstr command. Keep in mind that this is different than … Read more

How To Find Specified Strings In Files With Find Command In Windows From Command Line With Examples?

Windows operating systems provide the tool named find to search text files for a given term or string. Linux also have a command with the same name but it is used to search files and folders names not file contents. Windows find command is very simple and easy command to work. Help Help information about the … Read more

Linux Kill Process Tutorial With Examples

Linux Kill Process Tutorial With Examples

Operating systems are a bed for applications. These applications are executed as processes. Process start, waits, and ends. Through their lifetime their complete given jobs. In this guide, we will look at how to kill the Linux process in different ways. List Running Processes To kill the process we need to get information about the … Read more