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What Is Multithreading In Operating Systems and Programming?

What Is Multithreading In Operating Systems and Programming?

Multithreading is a popular term used in computing, operating systems, and application development areas. Multithreading is simply used to accelerate the execution of the process dividing into multiple sub-processes. What Is Process? The process is the main unit used to execute the given task in the operating system. The process has some system resources like … Read more

What Does “ps aux” Command Mean and Do In Linux

ps command is used to get detailed information about the process running on Linux, Unix, and BSD systems. There are some popular options and use cases for ps where one of them is aux options. We will look at this use case in this tutorial. For more detailed ps tutorial look following. Linux ps Command Tutorial List Processes with … Read more

How To Scan WordPress Sites With Wpscan (Tutorial) For Security Vulnerabilities?

WordPress is very popular Content Management System (CMS). It is used by diverse range of users by different purposes and areas. This makes WordPress project very dynamic and rich. The security of the wordpress is important because of the its user base. There are also a lot of different plugins which can create security holes … Read more

How To Trace System calls and Signals With Strace Command With Examples?

Linux Operating systems provide the ability to track system calls with strace utility. As simple explanation strace intercepts and prints system calls made by the related process. We know that Linux is actually an operating system kernel. Operating system kernel is responsible for low-level operations like device and hardware management, memory management, processes management, providing … Read more