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Python Timestamp Examples with Time Module

Timestamp is used to hold the seconds from epoch. Epost is a generic term used to represent data January 1st, 1970 in UTC. So this means epoch and timestamp do not have any time...


How To Get Current Date Time or Now In Python?

Date and time is important part of the applications development. We generally need to set, get and change some data time information to our records. In this tutorial we will examine the python date...


Python Date Time Functions With Examples

Date time is important part of the application development. Date is used in different format to show, save, or compare events and process. Date and time have different presentation formats which may be change...


How To Get Today’s Date?

Getting current date time information is very different for different systems and programming languages. We will look this simple but big issue for vast majority of operating systems and programming languages. Linux/FreeBSD/Unix We can...

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