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Linux Time Command Tutorial With Examples To Get Programs Resource Usage

Linux time command provides commands and programs usage statistics especially as CPU load. Time command gets real command as parameter like below. Time taken in user mode Time taken in kernel mode Time taken in real mode Memory usage Syntax We will use following syntax for time command. time [options] [command] Run If we run … Read more

How To Print Current Date and Time In Linux and Windows From Command Line?

Getting current date-time information is very different for different systems and programming languages. We will look at this simple but big issue for the vast majority of operating systems and programming languages. Linux/FreeBSD/Unix We can date information from the GUI panel clock but we will look for the command line. We will issue date command to … Read more

How To Change Cisco IOS Time?

How To Change Cisco IOS Time?

Hi. Today we will look for changing the system time and prompt.  You may think that what is the relation between system time and prompt, you are right there are no relation:). System time is important for network devices because logs get meaning with them and ACL, VPN time limitations work truly with them. In … Read more