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How To Use vmstat To Monitor Linux Performance

Linux distributions provides a lot of tools in order to monitor system performance. vmstat is one of the most used tool for system performance monitoring. vmstat can collect and report information about memory, cpu, swap, io in a detailed way. In this tutorial we will examine the output of the vmstat and different features and options of it. List System Resource Usage We will start by using vmstat command without any option. This will...


Python Timestamp Examples with Time Module

Timestamp is used to hold the seconds from epoch. Epost is a generic term used to represent data January 1st, 1970 in UTC. So this means epoch and timestamp do not have any time zone or by default UTC time zone. In this tutorial we will look different examples about time  module with time stamp examples. Import Time Module As related functions are provided by modules we need to import...


Php – Date and Time

Php provides very enhanced date and time functions. There are a lot of different use cases for date and time functions. We will try to look most of them in this tutorial. Date() Function date() function is used to get date in different formats. date() function can be used to get timestamp too. Unix Timestamp is the second count from January 1, 1970. The syntax of the date function is like...

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