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Linux Mtr Command Tutorial with Examples To Network Diagnostics

Linux mtr command provides both functionality of traceroute and ping commands. mtr can provide reports and xml, json, csv output. There is also Gtk interface provided for mtr . Interactive Traceroute One of the simple use case for mtr is providing the remote hostname or IP address we want to traceroute. This will open a new interactive window which shows each intermediate hop. This will also send continuous ICMP packets to get new time and related...


Linux Traceroute Command Tutorial With Examples

The network is an important part of the system administration. Because without a network the server has nothing to do. While administrating Linux servers troubleshooting network is very important. When a network problem occurs in a Linux server first step is checking network services and the route information. Network services can be checked with systemctl or similar commands. Network routes can be checked with different tools but the most popular and...


How To Trace System calls and Signals With Strace Command With Examples?

Linux Operating systems provides ability to track system calls with strace utility. As simple explanation strace intercepts and prints system calls made by related process. We know that Linux is actually an operating system kernel. Operating system kernel is responsible from low level operations like device and hardware management, memory management, processes management, providing interface for user level processes and applications. Strace is especially used for diagnostic, instructional and debugging operations....

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