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How To Manage Windows Firewall From Command Line With Netsh Command?

Windows firewall is a useful mechanism which is used to control network traffic and ports. There are different ways to manage Windows firewall like GUI, Powershell and MS-DOS. Today we will look in detail how to manage windows firewall from command line with a popular tool named netsh . Netsh is a built-in tool which exists … Read more

Linux fuser Command Tutorial With Examples

Linux have a lot of tools to manage processes and network. But fuser is one of the most popular tool which combines process and network management in a single command. fuser can display process according to their directory, file and network handles. Also it can kill these process according to various parameter. Syntax fuser [options] [file|socket] Help … Read more

Netcat (nc) Command Tutorial With Examples

Netcat is a simple but useful tool used for TCP, UDP, Unix-domain sockets. Netcat can listen or connect specified sockets easily. Netcat is a platform-independent command supported by Linux, Unix, Windows, BSD, macOS, etc. Common use cases for Netcat are; Simple TCP proxy Shell script-based HTTP clients and Servers Network daemon testing A SOCKS or … Read more

Linux ss Command Tutorial With Examples

Linux processes communicates with the socket between each other. There are tools to list, resolve, provide information about sockets. Ss is one of them. Netstat command can list and resolve the sockets too but it is slow because there is a lot of sockets. Ss gets information about socket from directly Linux kernel. List All … Read more

Linux Netstat Command With Examples

Linux provides a lot of tools for network management and visibility. netstat is another popular and useful tool used by a lot of systems and network administrators. In this tutorial, we will look at usage examples of netstat. Syntax We will use the following syntax for the netstat command. netstat [address_family_options] [options] List All Connections … Read more

Compare TCP vs UDP Protocols , Differences and Similarities

Networks are used to transmit data over the world. There is a lot of network protocols in use. But most known and used protocols are IP, TCP, UDP. IP lives different flat but TCP and UDP try to live the same flat. So they operate the same network layer but what is different between UDP … Read more

How To Discover Network Hosts With Nmap?

How To Discover Network Hosts With Nmap?

Hi. We started with Nmap target specification. Now we resume with host discovery options. Host discovery is detecting hosts in the same or remote network. Generally, we send a packet to the target host and then we get a response or not but some times we just listen and get packets from hosts. We decide … Read more