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How To Install and Use Linux Minicom Command Tutorial with Examples?

minicom  is little command line based tool used to connect serial lines. In a more pragmatic definition minicom can be used to connect modems, routers and switch console ports via serial port. Minicom is very similar features and user interface to the TELIX. Install For Debian, Ubuntu, Kali, Mint We...


How To Download and Install Kali Security and Penetration Test Linux Distribution?

Kali is a Linux distribution or it is a security and penetration test distribution. It is beyond a Linux distribution and provides a lot of useful, popular and featureful tools to the security professionals. Some of popular tools Kali provides nmap metasploit burp sqlmap masscan nikto … Download Kali We...


How To Create Installation, Live Usb For Linux

There are different methods to write and image into medium and use it to open a computer. In the old days there way floppy disks. The main method was using floppy disks to boot system in rescue or live mode. Time goes and faster and more storage capability cdroms came...

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