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What Is AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting)?

What Is AAA (Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting)?

AAA or Authentication, Authorization and Accounting is a term used to describe 3 functions in IT. Mainly AAA is used to control access to different IT resources like network, service, server, etc. AAA simply consists of 3 steps where each completes others for perfect security. What Is Authentication? Authentication is the process of identifying a … Read more

How To Change Windows Password In Different Ways?

How To Change Windows Password In Different Ways?

There are some good reasons to change or reset a Windows operating system password. Windows passwords can be changed in different ways for different Windows versions like Windows XP, Windows 10, etc. In this tutorial, we will learn how to change or reset Windows password from User Account Control, PC Settings, Computer Management, Command Line … Read more

What Is User In Computing, Windows, Linux, Google?

What Is User In Computing, Windows, Linux, Google?

User is an entity that has the right to use some resources, applications, equipment, process, or system. Operating systems and applications generally have users to authorize and authenticate their actions. Also, users are used to storing data personally in a private area like Home or Users. Linux Users Linux is an operating system and it … Read more

How to Create New User In CentOS?

CentOS is enterprise level Linux distribution which is clone of the RedHat. User management like create, add, remove etc is important part of the daily Administration tasks. In this tutorial we will look how to add new user to the CentOS system. List Current Users Before creating new user we will list existing users. We … Read more

Linux Chroot Command Tutorial with Examples

Linux provides different mechanisms for practical and security reasons. chroot is one of them. Processes in linux can access to the file system or root by default. Linux kernel also provides chroot mechanism to restrict access to the whole filesystem in Linux. Syntax The chroot syntax is like below. chroot OPTION NEWROOT COMMAND OPTION is chroot option NEWROOT is … Read more

Linux Etc Login.defs Configuration with Examples

Linux shadow password suite provides password related utils and configuration. /etc/login.defs or simple login.defs provides configuration about shadow utils. This file provides password, mail, user id, group id, user home related configuration. We will look all of the useful configurations in this tutorial. Login.defs Configuration File login.defs configuration file is located at /etc/login.defs . It is simple text file. … Read more

Security Roles and Responsibilities In Security Governance

Security role is the part where an individual plays in a complete organization security implementation and administration. In this tutorials different security roles and responsibilities in an organization. Senior Manager Senior Manager is responsible for all organization security. Senior Manager will have following roles and responsibilities Sign off all policy issues Endorse security policy Sole … Read more

Linux ulimit Command Tutorial

Linux kernel provides some configuration about system-related limits and maximums. These are like maximum file handler count, maximum file locks, maximum process count, etc. These limits are used to stay in a safe area and do not bottleneck system performance. But sometimes these limits should be decreased or increased. ulimit is used to change these limits … Read more