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What Is Cookie (Web Page)? 0

What Is Cookie (Web Page)?

A cookie is a file which is created by the web sites we have visited with our browser. This file or cookie contains some information about us and our visit for the specific web site. Cookies are very popular mechanisms used by web sites or web applications to store information and nearly every site creates some cookie web browser. HTTP cookie or Web Cookie or Browser Cookie? Cookies do not...


Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) Generator For Linux, Windows, Java, PHP, C#, Javascript, Python

Globally Unique Identifier (GUID) is pseudo random string which consist of 32 letters, numbers (0-9) and 4 hyphens to separate letters. These letters are randomly generated. In probability theory this value is unique and can be used as secret and session cookie etc. Example GUID Following line provides a GUID. as we can see there is 4 dashes which selaret the values into 5 parts. First part consist of 6...


What is UUID (Universally Unique Identifier)?

While developing applications or using services or mounting disks in Linux systems we may see the term UUID or 128 bit number which might seem interesting. UUID is 128 bir number which is used to identify things like name, record, disk whatever we want. Uniqueness What makes UUID so special or interesting is its uniqueness. Yes it is right  event two different and discrete systems creates UUID it is assumed...

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