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How To Find Microsoft (MS) SQL Database Server Version and List Of SQL Server Version?

How To Find Microsoft (MS) SQL Database Server Version and List Of SQL Server Version?

MS SQL is one of the most popular SQL databases. It is created in 1988 for the OS/2. During time SQL Server has a lot of versions which has different versions. In this tutorial, we will learn how to get the MS SQL Server Database version in different ways like GUI, SQL Prompt, Error Logs, … Read more

Nmap Script and Version Scan

[rps-include post=6632] Nmap provides script scanning which gives nmap very flexible behavior to get more information and test about the target host. This feature is called Nmap Scripting Engine (NSE). NSE gives user the ability to write scripts for test. Lua is programming language supported by NSE. NSE have some vulnerability detection scripts too. NSE … Read more

Hello World Python

We have talked about Python programming language previously. You can find them in Programming > Python section. Creating working environment for Python development and running our first python application is the first step to learning PYthon. In this tutorial we will look a Hello World python application about how can we create and run? Create Source Code … Read more

How To Get Ubuntu, Debian, Kali Release Version?

I have take new job and I have a lot of new Ubuntu servers to manage. There is no inventory about the Ubuntu servers. I only know that they are Ubuntu. Is there a way to get Ubuntu version of this servers? Linux Standards Base aka LSB defines standards for different Linux distributions. Ubuntu comply … Read more

How To Get Linux Kernel Version?

Linux kernel is the core of the Linux based operating systems we call them simply Linux. But sometimes they called Linux Distributions. Kernel initialize system with hardware. Manages hardware to provide services for upper layer operating system application. Kernel do memory management which means allot memory for applications or frees the memory. Manages processes by … Read more

How To Determine Installed Powershell Version?

Powershell provides different features according to its version. Here knowing the version of the PowerShell become a necessity. There are different methods to get version of Powershell from easy to hard. PowerShell Versions Also PowerShell is updated with the Windows Update but following lines provides information about the PowerShell versions and related Windows or Operating … Read more