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How To Use Vi Editor?

vi is very powerful text editor where most of the Linux distributions provides. vim is improved version of the vi editor with more features. Most of the intersecting features complies with vim . In this tutorial we will learn how to use vi from start. Open File We will start by opening a text file by providing the name of the file. In this example we will open the file named poem.txt.

Insert Mode...


Vim Editor Commands Cheat-sheet

vim or vi is very powerful text editor used in Linux systems. As they provide a lot of features and used from command line they have a lot of commands and shortcuts. In this page we will list these commands as a cheat-sheet. We will look most used command and shortcuts in this tutorial which makes this guide as beginner guide. Edit Edit Current File

Edit Specific File

Insert Append...


Vim Undo and Redo Operations

While editing text files with vim we can make some little mistakes or want to revert to the previous states. In Microsoft Word there is features rich undo and revert functions. The similar undo and revert functionalities provided by vim too. List Changes In order to revert back we can list changes and related information. With the :undolist command we will list number of changes and time information. We will...


Linux Vi and Vim Command Line Text Editor Tutorial

Linux provides a lot of useful tools from command line. Vi or Vim is one of the very popular text editor used in Linux , Unix and BSd operating systems. In this tutorial we will look different usage examples of the Vim. From up to now we will call Vim which is improved version of Vi. Open with File Name We can open a file by giving its name to...


How To Move End of File and Line In Vi or Vim?

Vim and its predecessor Vi are popular command line based text editors. There are a lot of functionality those text editor provides. In this post we will look how to move cursor end of line and end of line. One Shot End Of Line We can move cursor to the end of line at one shot with $ .

Word By Word End Of Line Another alternative to move...


Vi/Vim Show Line Numbers

Vi is popular text editor for Linux and BSD environment. It gives a lot of feature to the user. But its learning curve is a bit complex. Actually learning vim is complex but after learning, it is very comfortable to work with text files. Vi is used system administrator, users, developers. Developers uses vim too. Because vim have very good syntax highlighting and wide programming language, configuration file support. Vi...


Vim Syntax Highlighting How To Turn On , Off

Vim is old and popular text editor. Vim roots goes to the vi. Vim is improved version of vi. Vim has a lot of features that makes users life better. One of the most loved vim feature is syntax highlighting. Syntax highlighting makes text or code easily readable by coloring statements. For this tutorial we will use following C code. Save this file as my.c .

Open File With...

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