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How To Change Ram Size On Running VM In Libvirt

I have a bunch of vms in my laptop and need regularly to change their ram size because I have only 8 GB ram. As I said before I use linux kvm for virtualization. Virsh is my tool to manage vms that runs on kvm hypervisor. There is the value...


How To Get Volume Information of VM in Libvirt

To get volume info from virsh use the following command from virsh


Libvirt Tutorial

Hi today we are gonna look for managing vms especially in linux with libvirt. Libvirt is a library and tools to manage vms. Livirt development is suppported by Redhat and defacto tool in linux world. In linux Kvm/qemu is generally used for virtuulization but libvirt supports Xen, Virtualbox, Vmware, Hyperv...


How To Create Snapshot of KVM / Libvirt / Qemu Vm?

Kvm is a hypervisor used by a lot of linux distributions. I am currently using it and very happy with it. I have most of the abilities paid hypervisors like HyperV, Vmware provides. Snapshots is picture of the vm in specified time. For example we will install new application but...

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