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What Is VLAN (Virtual LAN)?

What Is VLAN (Virtual LAN)?

VLAN is network topology and methodology which is used to create separate and isolated single or multiple LANs’s over the physical LAN. VLANs are created logically over the LANs and creating VLAN is easy with the help of different network protocols. VLAN is the short form for the Virtual LAN or in a long-form Virtual … Read more

What Is LAN (Local Area Network) and Compare With MAN, MAN?

Local Area Network is a computer network where computers in the same location or group are connected together and share common communication lines. Local Area Network is mainly expressed as LAN which is a very popular term in computer networks and IT. LAN Components LAN will have a very simple topology where some equipment or … Read more

Arp-Scan Command Tutorial With Examples

Network scanning is one of the steps of penetration testing. There are different and popular tools to scan network line masscan, nmap etc. Arp-scan is a tool specifically designed to scan network with layer 2 or mac or Ethernet arp packets. Install We can install arp-scan tool with the following command. $ sudo apt install … Read more