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How To Wait Specified Process Termination with wait In Linux and Difference with sleep?

Linux provides simple and useful tools and commands. wait is one of them. We can use wait command to wait for specified process id and than continue execution of the bash script or interactive shell. Wait For Specified Process ID While scripting in bash we may need to wait for some process to continue. So … Read more

How To Pause and Resume Powershell and Cmd Scripts In Windows With Examples?

Powershell is as its name suggest powerful language. I have very good features and libraries. In this tutorial we will look how to pause Powershell in different ways and different behaviors. Pause And Wait Input We may want to pause the current shell and wait an input from the user. This is very useful if … Read more

Linux Watch Command Tutorial With Examples

Linux Watch Command Tutorial With Examples

Some time generally long-running operations like copying disk need to track the change like disk usage or change of the size of the file. We generally run the same command again and again but this is a very cumbersome way yo see progress. Linux users created a “watch” application to make things better. When we … Read more