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What Is A PDF (Portable Document Format) File and How To Open PDF?

What Is A PDF (Portable Document Format) File and How To Open PDF?

PDF is a popular file extension that is generally used to store documents, brochures, books, scanned documents, user manuals portable format. PDF is the short form of the Portable Document Format. What Is PDF File? Portable Document Format or PDF is a standard which is created Adobe in 1993. The PDF files have the .pdf … Read more

How To Download and Install LibreOffice In Windows

Microsoft Office is very popular office tool which is used more than office tool. It is used like an application development environment, graphic creation app, report generator etc. Buy as we know there is a price to use Microsoft Office suit. But hopefully opensource community provides alternative to this crucial tool named Libreoffice. In the … Read more

Linux wc Command Word and Line Count Tutorial With Examples

Linux provides a lot of tools for text-related operations. wc is one of them. This tool is a little tool less than 10 options. In this tutorial, we will look at how to count bytes? How to count words? How to count Lines? and How to use wc with other Linux commands like find and … Read more