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How To Decompress or Extract tar.xz In Linux?

Linux provides different compression format with different tools. But tar is defacto standard for Linux to put given file and folders into single file. Than the compression comes. xz is very efficient compression algorithm and tool better than gzip and bzip in general. In this tutorial we will look how to compress...


How To List and Unrar Rar Files In Ubuntu, Debian, Kali, Mint?

Rar is very popular compression format used for different purposes. A lot of files like documents, image files, source code etc. are compressed using rar compression format. In this tutorial we will look how to install rar tool for Ubuntu, Debian, Kali and Mint and than list and extract files...


How To Uncompress and Untar Tar Gz File In Linux, Unix and BSD

tar and gz formats very popular in Linux, Unix and BSD world. A lot of files like source code, backup, configuration files etc. are compressed with this two formats. As a Linux system administrator we generally face with tar.gz extension files. In this tutorial we will look how to extract them easily. Tar...

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