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How To Avoid Not Signed Error For Yum

Hi. When I try to update my packets in fedora rawhide or fedora 21 I got packet is not signed for parted. To get rid of this warning use –nogpgcheck option with yum


Yum Usage

Hi I am currently using fedora and I prefer cli to getting things done. I use yum and rpm to manage the applications. It is funny but I do not know gui packet managetment...


How To Upgrade Linux Kernel?

I  have Ubuntu systems and I have old kernel. I want to upgrade my Linux system kernel. How can I do that? Linux kernel can be upgraded by two ways one way is getting...


How To List Installed Packages With Yum

I have a CentOS server. I want to list installed packages so I can find duplicate or unneeded packages easily. Yum provides package management for rpm based distributions. We can list packages like below....

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