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Compare CentOS(RedHat) vs Ubuntu

CentOS and Ubuntu is two popular Linux distributions used in enterprise environments as well as personal environments. In this tutorial we will examine CentOS and Ubuntu Linux distributions from different perspectives. As a note...


Update Fedora, CentOS, RHEL Packages with Yum Update

Yum is popular package management tools between rpm based distributions. In this tutorial we will simply look how update system packages for different distributions like Fedora, CentOS and RHEL . List Installed Packages Before installing...


How To Avoid Not Signed Error For Yum

Hi. When I try to update my packets in fedora rawhide or fedora 21 I got packet is not signed for parted. To get rid of this warning use –nogpgcheck option with yum


Yum Usage

Hi I am currently using fedora and I prefer cli to getting things done. I use yum and rpm to manage the applications. It is funny but I do not know gui packet managetment...

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