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Tails Linux OS Tutorial For Privacy and Anonymity

Anonymity and Privacy are important topics of this decade. A lot of states, companies or persons try to crack or censorship peoples anonymity and privacy. There are different ways to protect us from these attacks. Tail OS is a Linux based distribution which provides these protections as a Live operating system.


Tail OS can be used in different ways. The main usage is live where we do not need to install into computer hard disk. We will just install into a USB stick and run in every computer we boot from USB.

Another use case is downloading ISO file and installing into a hard disk permanently. ISO file can be downloaded from the following link. The file size is about 1.2 GB



Tail OS is developed by Tails Team and provided as Freeware.

  • Anonymity is provided by Tail OS by default so it uses some VPN’s and search engines like DuckDuckGo to prevent data collection.
  • Tor is default open and all request to the internet will be routed through Tor anonymous network.
  • If opened with USB stick it will do not write anything to the local disk. So this will leave no trace about the usage.
  • It provides state of art encryption tools and algorithms. It supports encrypting files, emails, instant messaging etc.


Tail OS provides following applications for better security, anonymity and censorship prevention.

  • VeraCrypt is file, disk and volume encryption tool which uses Trucrypt base.
  • OpenPGP provides public and private key management with different encryption algorithms
  • Nautilus is a file and folder manager which can securely and completely delete files and folders
  • KeePassX is a password manager to make users life easier.
  • GtkHash is a hash calculator to calculate checksums
  • keyringer is used for sharing encrypted secrets between parties
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