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Teamviewer Installation and Remote Desktop Connection

Teamviewer is a remote desktop tool used to connect systems remotely. Teamviewer requires internet connection. Also some times firewalls or similar security systems can prevent TeamViewer. If there is problem check internet and security system. In this tutorial we will install and run team viewer to connect remote system.


Teamviewer can be downloaded with the following link.

Run Teamviewer 12 Setup

After download is completed we will run the setup file. In the first step we will see a screen like below.

Run Teamviewer 12 Setup
Run Teamviewer 12 Setup

Here we have two basic questions. We can install the Teamviewer to the local system or run once and do not install the Teamviewer. There is a also option about  the usage type which is required for licensing. We select the personal use.

In the following screen we need the Administrator privileges to install Teamviewer application to the system. We simply give right to install to the Teamviewer.

Below is a screenshot about installation. Most of the installation files are compressed so Teamviewer uncompress them install install properly.

After installation is completed we get a welcome screen which shows information about the TeamViewer panel.

After closing the welcome screen from right left close button the Teamviewer application starts and we get following screen.

As we can see we need to provide Remote Computer Id to connect. After connection is established we need to provide 4 digit password for authentication reasons. There is also an option to only send some files to the remote computer.

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