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Things To Do With Computer When Bored

We work for earn money. We consume our time for money but sometimes we may be bored. Changing current work will made us more happy and will refresh our mind. Here we will provide some useful things to do when we are bored. Consuming time with useful work is important for us.

Read Technical Tutorials

I think the best way to improve our career is learning new things and implementing them.

Backup Your Laptop

YOU SHOULD REALLY BACKUP YOUR LAPTOP because there are a lot of information and work in our laptop.

Organize and Clean Files and Folders

Over time our Download and other folders get messy and we need a lot of time to organize them.

Do Not Use Social Network

We should prevent us using social networks in work time bacause it will degragate the efficiency

Clear Emails

Our inbox may be full of read or unread emails. They are waiting us to delete or archive them

Learn Python

Python is very user friendly and easy to learn programming language. We should try it from following links.

Learn C

C is very old but popular language you can look it from following links

Learn Php

Php is popular web development language and can be learned from following links

Learn Javascript

Javascript is client side popular programming language and can be learned with the following tutorials.

Create A Personal Web Site

I thinks every IT person should have a personal web page where he can provide information about hisself and write down his thoughs

LEARN MORE  Php - Syntax Overview

Customize Personal Website

If you have a site you can customize is to make more eye candy

Add New Post To Personal Web Site

If you have all ready a site add new post about your current experience

Appreciate Someone Who Helped You

Be thankfull against your collegues

Browse Youtube Linux Videos

Browse Linux related you tube videos

Defrag Disk

Defrag your Windows operations system disk.

Start Virus and Malware Scan

Scan your computer against virus and malwares

Delete Unwanted Applications from PC and Smartphone

Over time we install a lot of applications we actually do not use into our computers and smartphones. It is time to clean them

Learn Keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can made your life easier.

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