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How To Update Mozilla Firefox?

With its old name Mozilla or a well-known name, Firefox is a very popular browser. Firefox is an opensource browser that respects user rights and privacy. In this tutorial, we will look at Mozilla Firefox Update for operating systems Windows, Ubuntu, Kali, Debian, Mint, Fedora, CentOS, and RedHat.

Update Firefox For Windows

Firefox can be updated by downloading the new version from the internet or using the following menus. Click Help -> About Firefox -> Restart Firefox to Update will restart the Firefox and install a new version before the start.

Update Firefox For Windows

Update Firefox For Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Kali

We can use package manager apt for Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, and Kali distributions. We will update the Firefox package as below.

$ sudo apt upgrade firefox
Update Firefox For Ubuntu, Debian, Mint, Kali

Update Firefox For Fedora, CentOS, RedHat

We can use yum package manager in order to update Firefox package in Fedora, CentOS, RedHat or yum based distros.

$ sudo yum update firefox

Change Update Settings

For Windows Firefox updates are automatically gathered from server by default. Linux side have package manager and do not have Update setting. We can change the update settings for Windows and disable automatic update from Options -> Advenced -> Update

Change Update Settings
  • Automatically Install Updates will download and install updates without asking.
  • Check for updates, but let you choose whether to install themoption will download updates and ask for us to install an update.
  • Never check for updates will never check or download any update where we should to all job manually

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