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How To Use Chkdsk /F Command?

Check Disk tools is used to check integrity , health of disk or hard disk. Check disk supports variety of file systems those mainly used in Windows operating systems like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS. We have all ready examined the checkdsk options in the following tutorial.

Windows Chkdsk Utility Tutorial with Examples To Fix File System Errors

In this tutorial we will look /f or /F parameter in detail

Elevated Command Prompt, MS-DOS or Powershell

chkdsk command is used from command line prompt or MS-DOS and Powershell whatever you want. As chkdsk will made some changes in the system like modifying and fixing disk and file system it need Administrator level privileges in order to work. We will open MS-DOS Rigth Click ->Right Click on Command Promt -> Run as Administrator

Elevated Command Prompt, MS-DOS or Powershell
Elevated Command Prompt, MS-DOS or Powershell

Find Errors

We can use chkdsk command just find and list errors for the disk  and files systems. In this situation the errors won’t fixed and just printed. We do not need to provide any option for this operation like below.

> chkdsk C:
Find Errors
Find Errors

Find and Fix Errors

Now the most important part we will check and fix found errors. We will use the /f  or /F for this operation. We

> chkdsk /f C:

If the given disk is alive which means mounted and used currently we can not check because it can cause malfunctions. But we can arrange a disk check in the boot process without mounting it . /F option does the followings.

  • Fixes errors on disk
  • Locates bad sectors and recovers readable information
  • Forces the volume dismount first if necessary
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