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Useful and Basic Commands For Ubuntu Linux Distribution

Ubuntu is very popular Linux distributions used by end and enterprise users. I all ready use Ubuntu KDE or Kubuntu for my daily usage. Newbies generally asks for commands for basic usage of Ubuntu distribution. In thsi tutorial we will examine these commands to manage Linux in a simple way.


sudo is used to get administrative or root privileges to make changes system level. We can get more information about sudo command from following tutorial.

Linux Sudo Command Tutorial with Examples To Get Root Privileges


apt-get is very popular package manager used to install, update and remove applications in deb based distributions like Ubuntu, Debian, Mint.

Apt and Apt-Get Tutorial With Examples


tr command is used to translate or delete characters in the given text.

Linux tr Command Tutorial With Examples


ps command is used to list and get detailed information about processes

Search linux ps Linux ps Command Tutorial List Processes with Examples

Linux ps Command Tutorial List Processes with Examples


dd is used to read and write bulk data in a raw way.

Search linux dd Linux dd Command To Backup with Examples


ping is used for network diagnostics.

Linux ping Command Tutorial With Examples


scp is used for secure file transfer

Linux Scp Command Usage With Examples

vi / vim

vi/ vim is used for text editing

Linux Vi and Vim Command Line Text Editor Tutorial


cd is used to navigate paths

Linux Bash Directories and Changing Current Working Path


cp is used to copy file and folders

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Linux Cp or Copy Command


tar is used to archive given file and folders.

Linux tar Command and How To Tar A Directory


alias is used to create shortcuts for commands

Linux Bash Alias and Shortcuts


ssh is used to connect remote systems securely

SSH Tutorial With Command Examples


ls is used to list files and folders

Linux ls Command Tutorial With Examples


tee is used to redirect output

Linux Tee Command Tutorial with Examples For Stdout Management


grep is used to filter given text

Introduction to Linux Grep Command With Examples


rm command is used to remove files and folders

Linux rm Command Tutorial With Examples


sed is used to filter text

Ultimate Sed Tutorial With Examples


ln is used create hard and soft symbolic links

Linux ln Command Tutorial with Examples To Create Symbolic Links


wc is used to count words, lines and characters in given text

Linux wc Command Word and Line Count Tutorial With Examples


chmod is used to to change file and folder permissions

How To Set Permission For Folders and Subfolders in Linux


shutdown is used to shutdown and restart system

Linux Shutdown and Reboot Command Tutorial with Examples


rsync is used to sync files between systems

Rsync Command Tutorial With Examples


mv is used to rename and move file and folders

Linux mv Command Tutorial with Examples To Move Files

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