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Visual Studio Express Installation

To develop C# applications we need to setup development environment. As we know C# applications runs on .Net framework.

Visual Studio Express

Our operating system is Windows 7. We will prefer IDE. IDE means Integrated Development Environment where all tools to write,compile,debug, create project can be found in the IDE.

Microsoft have all ready provides an IDE named Visual Studio. Visual Studio has paid and free versions. We will use free version named Community. 2015 is the latest version number.

You can download Free Visual Studio Express Setup Application from here.

From above click Install. This may take some times according to internet connection and system performance.

Visual Studio
Visual Studio

What is Installed?

By simple installing Visual Studio we have installed .Net framework, Code Editor, Compiler, Debugger and simple tools.


Mono is IDE primarily developed for Linux operating systems. Mono is supported by Microsoft. Keep in mind that Mono do not completely support native Windows features of .Net.

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