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What Does CPU(Central Processing Unit) Stand For?

CPU is a very popular term used for different things. But in general, CPU is used to describe the Central Processing Unit which is one of the most important components of a computer. CPU can be also used for different things like Cost Per Unit,CompUSA,Ceramic Public Urinal,Computer Power User etc. Also, it can be used for the Computer Programming Unit, Computer Programming Utility, Computer Processing Utility and Computer Processing Unit.

What Does CPU(Central Processing Unit) Stand For?

Well, we will talk about the CPU as a Central Processing Unit because it is the most popular usage. Every computing system requires some computing unit which is generally named as the Central Processing Unit. CPU simply provides some computing capabilities to the given system in order to manage the whole systems and incorporating components and process given data with given instructions.

There are different types of CPUs where each of them used for different types of systems. For example, a CPU designed for PC can not be used for a Server efficiently. Below we will learn what kind of CPU is used for what kind of system.

CPU For PCs, Workstations, and Servers

PCs, Workstations and Servers uses x86, x86_64 and ARM types CPUs. ARM type usage is very low according to x86 and x86_64 types. x86 is also named 32 bit where x86_64 is named as a 64-bit processor.

CPU For Tablets, Smartphones, and Phones

Generally, ARM CPUs are used for Tablets, Smartphones, and Phones where they are generally used for daily tasks, education, and gaming. ARM CPUs have very low power usage with a satisfying performance.

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CPU For Embedded Devices, TVs, Cars

Embedded Devices, TVs and Cars are consumer devices that are recently used with some intelligent capabilities and the internet. These devices also provide some CPU in order to process and run some operating systems and applications.

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