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What Is Binary (Definition)?

Binary is a numbering system used to express numbers in 2 states. These two states are 0 and 1. The binary numbering system is very important for computer and IT systems because the different type of hardware uses a binary system like CPU, RAM, GPU, HDD, NIC, etc.

Binary Values

Binary numbering system provides two values named and 1.  There is no number like 3, 5 or similar in binary. Computers mainly use these binary values in order to process, read, write data.

Boolean Logic

Binary numbers are highly related with the boolean logic. Boolean Logic is a logic which is mainly used in computers and mathematics. binary values are used to express the false logic where 1 is used to express the true logic. We can also use different logic operators like AND, OR, EXOR etc. Here are some Boolean Logic calculations with binary values.

Binary and Decimal Numbers

Binary numbers can cen be converted into decimal numbers and vise versa. For example 11 binary value is equal to 3 in decimal numbering system.

Decimal ValueBinary ValueBase-2 Representation
31121 + 2
510122+ 2
611022 + 21
711122 + 21 + 2
9100123 + 2
10101023 + 21



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